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Vision is the dominant sense. It's responsible for the majority of input to the brain yet one in four people suffer from some level of vision dysfunction. The Colorado Center for Visual Performance was started to help with visual problems that are easily missed during a routine examination but can have a marked impact on academic ability, reading enjoyment, athletic performance, and day-to-day life.

what we do

Excelling in vision therapy and development


Improving skills that failed to develop through visual development.


Tramautic injuries to the brain can cause vision problems. Treatment of post-brain injury is critical to helping restore your vision properly.

Sports Vision Enhancement

As an athlete, it's critical that you're vision system is performing at it's peak. We utilize tools and technology to help train and enhance your vision.

the team

Our Vision Specialists

Dr. Jeff Berger
Heather Smith
Certified Optometric Vision Therapist
Reneé Moro
Optometric Vision Therapist
did you know?

1 in 4 people suffer from some level of dysfunction in the ability to accurately and efficiently use the visual system.

...and 80% of children with delays in reading have an underlying visual disorder! Yet these problems are commonly missed in routine checkups.

How We Can Help
why us?

Excelling as Colorado's top vision therapy center

By utilizing the latest in vision technology and performance and using our unique model of vision, we're able to relabel predict results and achieve better results, faster.

Unique Processing Assessments
Concrete Analytical Approach
Sole Focus on Vision Therapy
Decades of Vision Experience
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